Sales Training Industry Solutions

Traditional sales training methods can generally be limited to classroom or webinar-based lectures.

Incorporating a multipronged approach, SIJKK's sales training programs offer both the aforementioned traditional features as well as place a strong emphasis on field relevance and training plans tailored to suit the development of team members individually, ensuring new concepts and skills can be effectively executed by trainees in day to day sales activities.

SIJKK's programs are systematic, customized, continuous and field-appropriate. These programs are designed to provide long-term solutions rather than "quick fix," short-term, motivational-type classroom sessions.

Sales Institute Japan's systems and programs are the result of 20+ years of experience developing thousands of sales personnel in numerous industries.

Japan-based experience includes leading multinational organizations within the following industries:

Airlines Automotive Consumer Goods
Chemicals Finance Industrial & Machinery
Market Research Medical Instruments Pharmaceuticals
Printing Service Transport & Logistics

SIJKK Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) program

Through exclusive agreement with Madison Company, SIJKK offers E.P.I.C.© , Sales CheckUp© , Sales TuneUp© , and PTS© in Japan.

SIJKK Sales Training Programs

E.P.I.C.© (Sales Force Effectiveness program)

E.P.I.C.© is a comprehensive, four step, proprietary, and validated SFE program to change the way the sales force thinks, acts, manages and sells. Generates genuine culture change within the organization while increasing sales force productivity and sales revenue.

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PTS© (Practical Training Series)

SIJKK Practical Training Series (PTS© ) programs have a strong field and practical focus to ensure the accurate implementation of newly acquired skills and tools. Through the use of lectures and interactive workshops, new skills and support elements such as new systems, forms, guidelines, and activities are developed and customized during the training sessions to ensure trainees are equipped with skills and tools that are relevant to their specific industry.

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Sales CheckUp© (Sales Force Audit) / Sales TuneUp© (Annual Follow Up Sales Force Audit)

In life and business, evaluating the state of the business and subsequent annual follow up activities to track progress are common place and are considered essential in order to assess the state of our personal health, the safety of our vehicle and of course to ensure we have the best possible marketing plan in place for the coming year. Why is it then that few businesses apply the same principle to evaluating the state of their sales force, especially when the sales department is one of the most essential departments of the organization?

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Trade Show Training

Trade shows are great marketing opportunities to promote and demonstrate your products or services directly to prospective customers. However, developing and executing an appealing concept can require major investments of time, money and human resources.

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Role Plays

While traditional classroom based lecture style training programs is probably the most common form of sales training, in this environment new ideas and theories demonstrated are often difficult for sales personnel to comprehend, meaning sales reps have little confidence to use newly acquired skills in their daily sales activities.

SIJKK tailored role play programs are designed not only to provide sales personnel with new ideas, theories and skills, but also allow the participants to apply the newly acquired knowledge in an interactive environment where they are able to receive essential feedback from the trainers, thus, allowing for effective and immediate field implementation.

Example topics include new product launches, effective information gathering and selling in highly competitive markets, etc.

Skills Training Seminars

SIJKK's regularly held, Skills Training Seminars consist of 1-2 day public sales training seminars for sales managers and sales reps to provide participants with an introduction to some of the key modules within SIJKK's sales force effectiveness programs.

While classroom based, the Skills Training Seminars are interactive and field relevant, with a strong focus on workshops to ensure the participants are able to fully understand and absorb the concepts, skills, ideas and tools introduced by SIJKK's highly experiences trainer. This ensures participants to quickly and effectively implement newly acquired skills and sales tools in their daily sales activities.

Example of Skills Training Seminar topics include:

  • Sales Manager Skills: "Sales Managers - Sell less, Increase Sales"
  • New Product Introduction Methodologies: "new PRODUCTS, old LAUNCHES"
  • Sales Rep Selling Skills: "Keys to Selling - Pre-Call Planning and Selling Skills"

Available as in-company sales training programs also.

Sales IT Support and Training

For any organization, the detailed and accurate maintenance of client information is vital in order to build and maintain strong relationships with its customers.

Traditionally, the large majority of key information was stored inside the sales rep's head or note book. While this system may work for a minority of sales reps, it poses a significant risk to the employer, in that if the sales rep were to depart on short notice, the company could be left without a clear historical record of its relationship with key customers.

Thankfully, recent technology has provided numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options that if used correctly can remove the risks involved in handover from one sales rep to another.

Unfortunately, these systems can be extremely complicated and it may be difficult for an organization to decide which system will best service their needs. SIJKK's experienced technical staff is able to provide easy to understand, objective support to help companies choose the system that is right for them, as well as provide training and ongoing technical support for the sales personnel to ensure the system is maintained effectively.

Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Due to SIJKK's unique field based approach to sales training and our 50+ years of combined experience developing sales personnel in Japan, our highly experienced consultants are often called upon to provide motivational and keynote presentations for various groups and organizations in Japan.

SIJKK's consultants are experienced in providing interactive and highly informative presentations for a numerous foreign Chambers of Commerce, international conferences, and both private and corporate functions throughout Japan.

*All presentations can be delivered in either English or Japanese*