About Us

A Provider of Sales Training Programs that Create Culture Change

Sales Institute Japan is an organization with roots going back 20 years. Sales Institute Japan (SIJKK) provides all activities, programs and tools necessary to improve the performance of your sales organization.  SIJKK has immediate and long term solutions to resolve problems within your sales organization.

The Executive Team

Ziya Muhamedcani MBA

President & Head Trainer, Sales Institute Japan KK. Ziya began his international business career as a sales rep and sales manager with the Car­nation Company, before moving on to Johnson & Johnson, where he held senior management positions in Sales & Marketing in Japan, the US and Taiwan. Ziya establ ished the Madison Company in 1992, providing sales and marketing con­sulting and training services to companies in Japan, the US and Asia, before launching Sales Institute Japan in 2010 with a focus tailored specifically to the Japanese market. Over the past 20 years Ziya has delivered over 500 classroom training sessions, conducted 1,500+ field training sessions, and coached/ trained in excess of 5,000 sales and marketing personnel. Ziya is fluent in English and Japanese.

Masafumi Sakai

Senior Director & Trainer, Sales Institute Japan KK. Fluent in English and Japanese, Masafumi has broad experience in working with Japa­nese consumers and customers, providing him with a strong understanding of key issues and success factors for international companies operating in Japan. Prior to joining SIJKK, Masafumi’s career highlights include 20+ years in senior market­ing and brand management position with P&G and Johnson & Johnson, before taking up the positions of General Manager at Pfizer Consumer Health and President & Representative Director at Reckitt Benckiser – Japan. Masafumi holds a BS in Business Administration and has spent over 5 years studying and working in the US.

Masato Hirose

Senior Training Consultant, Sales Institute Japan KK. With an MBA from Tama University, Masato has 35 years experience in front line sales, senior sales management and consultative training roles. Masato has spent the large majority of his career in senior sales management and program delivery roles with Management Service Center (MSC) and NTT Learning Center. As well as delivering SIJ programs, Masato has a strong background in behavioral science based “Assessment Center Method” programs delivered to customers such as NTT Group, JAL, Honda, Meiji-Yasuda Insurance, Japan Automobile Association and FranceBed.

Tetsuo Aoyama

Senior Training Consultant, Sales Institute Japan KK. Tetsuo has spent the past 37 years in senior sales and training leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Tetsuo has a background with both Japanese and American pharmaceutical manufacturers, including 16 years with Bristol Myres Sqibb Japan (BMSJ), where he held both senior sales management and Sales Force Effectiveness leadership positions. In his role as head of field training at BMSJ, Tetsuo oversaw the development and implementation of company wide “FOJT” field-coaching program which significantly impacted on sales growth for the organization. Tetsuo holds JIPCC (Japan Institute of Professional Career Counselors) certification in coaching.