Using Technology as a Management Tool:
A Recorder to Evaluate Your Own Coaching Style

Recently, I recorded myself during a coaching session with a sales rep, using a smartphone.  What a management tool using a recorder is!

With smartphones and tablets prevalent in today’s sales organizations, this is just one further extension of technology that can be used to improve overall sales manager performance.

Actually the process was pretty simple.  Even a non-techie guy like me found it easy to use.  Turn on the smartphone or tablet’s voice recording function, put it in front of you while coaching and after you’re done, you can even transfer the file into your laptop or desktop for reference. Once I started the recorder and initiated the coaching session, I completely forgot about the recorder so I was not nervous nor was the sales rep during the whole coaching session.

Now I don’t need anyone else to tell me if I was good or bad during a coaching session.  All I need to do is to listen to myself and make all necessary adjustments as needed.


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